4 Pack 100g Car Clay Bar Auto Detailing Magic Clay Bar IPELY

IPELY auto detailing clay bar is a synthetic plastic putty that physically withdraws dirt embedded from car paint and what washing cannot.

The rough feel of the exterior of the car is pollution, the settlement of the industry, and environmental pollution in the working hole of the paint. Grinding with coarse contaminants will cause more damage and scratches as they penetrate deeper into the paint and clog and damage the expensive polishing pad.

car detailing clay

Clean the surface with an auto detailing clay bar before applying a new wax coating or polishing the exterior paint. Because this clay bar prevents pollution from sticking to paint.

You can use auto clay bars for any shiny or transparent outside car parts. Using auto detailing bars to remove automotive parts such as Paint, Glass, Transparent Optical Plastic, Wheels.

clay bar auto

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If you’ve never used a clay bar before, you definitely need to use IPELY Car Clay Bar now!