IPELY Natural Boar Hair Premium Detail Brushes Engine Cleaning Brushes Set of 3

Car Detailing Brushes are thoughtfully designed with exquisite craftsmanship by professional IPELY. If you have been searching for the perfect detailing brushes for your car for a long time and we are sure you have found these in our store! 

These functional at home car detailing brushes are great for Interior and Exterior Work, Engines, Wheels, Interior, Leather, Trim, Air Vents, Emblems, Motorcycle, and anything you can think of.

auto interior detailing brushes

Car detailing brushes have no metal parts and the wood handle that’s been sanded down for a smooth finish to ensure the safest car detail cleaning experience. The Feathered Bristles are made out of pig hair, avoid marring delicate finishes and intricate wheel designs. Long Bristles reach into the tight nooks and crannies around your vehicle. Use different Auto Detailing Brushes for exterior and interior cleaning. This helps prevent cross contamination.Clean your car can be fun and effective if you have the right tools - IPELY Car Detailing Brushes.

auto exterior wheel detailing brushes


You will definitely get Three most useful and least expensive CarDetailing Brushes when you purchase from IPELY. Know more on our Blog about this.