IPELY 5 Inch 8 Holes Foam Interface Pad Surfprep Foam Sanding Pads for Buffer

This interface pad is used between the sandpaper and the rotary sander. Pad size: 5 inches in diameter and 0.55 inches thick.

Hook and loop backing design: Black side can be glued to sanding discs. White side can be glued to the sanding pad. Quick installation/removal, you can change pads in seconds.

IPELY sander foam pads are made of top quality soft and durable foam, which will maintain closer to edges with the reduced chance of burning through and avoiding skipping and nibbling.

Our foam sanding pads can reduce the vibration common and increase the clarity of the finish. The 8 holes on each pad are designed to prevent dust from clogging the sander, improving the work environment and prolonging disc life.

Extra Support for Auto Body Sanding, protect the backing pad from damage. Ideal for polishing, grinding, sanding and more on automotive, boat, wood, metal and furniture surfaces.